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Your one stop solution to source the best quality media with top notch services

We provide consultation services for the apt printing material to be used, type of printing, type of ink etc to minimize costs and provide the apt end product.

Everyday Media

This is the most efficient way to showcase creatives. The best part about this tool of marketing is that is can be done on flat surfaces both smooth and rough, sunboards, metal surfaces, glass walls and the like.  Most acceptable media applications for the above are - In-shop, corporate, mall branding, wall papers, decals, etc.  We deal with the following media:

  • Self-adhesive vinyl

  • Black/ grey back self adhesive vinyl

  • Cold lamination films

  • Starflex Scrimless Backlit Flex

  • Starflex Black Back Flex

  • Non- tearable Standee Media (eco-friendly)

  • One-way Vision

  • Translite (Eco-solvent compatible)

  • Translite (LAtex/ UV compatible)

Go Eco-friendly

As an alternative to flex and our sincere attempt to transition to pvc-free/ eco-friendly printing media, we have the following options:​

Non-Lit Fabri​c

  • 150 gsm fabric/ cloth

  • 220 gsm fabric/ cloth 

  • 180 gsm black back fabric/ cloth 

Backlit Fabric

  • Backlit Premium

  • Bacllit Pearl (extra smooth)


  • Polycotton canvas (matte/ glossy)

  • Polyester canvas (matte/ glossy)


  • Self-adhesive Canvas

  • Mounting Film

  • Reflective Flex

  • Reflective Vinyl

  • Retro vinyl

  • Glass Films

  • Red Polyester Tapes

We also provide you with offset printing solutions and artistic canvas printing solutions on specific request.

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