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Apart from high quality printing solutions, we also offer our clients with top quality and trusted services by providing them end-to-end solutions to their printing requirements.

Considering that clients have minimal knowledge of the correct printing material to be used, we provide solutions for printing requirements, such as, consultation of printing material to be used, type of printing, type of ink, to minimize costs and provide the apt end product.  We also provide installation facilities and all forms of wide format printing.


This is the most efficient way to showcase creatives on a monomeric/ polymeric film with adhesive. The best part about Vinyl Graphics is that is can be done on flat surfaces both smooth and rough, sunboards, metal surfaces, glass walls and the like.Easy to implement, easy to remove.


Flex printing is predominantly used these days for outdoor marketing of brands, also flex is used for running campaigns like election, awareness, knowledge and all arenas where the duration of the ad campaign or the like is for a shorter duration.


Transit media is the use of vinyl prints on the surface of vehicles such as buses, taxis, vans etc as a mobile billboard. It ensures maximum reach at minimal costs. At Jupiter Print Media, we use top quality material and ink to guarantee the prints don’t fade and last long.


As the advertising industry is growing, advertisers are now looking at innovative ways to brand themselves indoors and outdoors. Displays like standees and danglers are on a high demand and now we are confident that we are a true one stop shop for in-shop and event signage solutions.

We also provide you with offset printing solutions and artistic canvas printing solutions on specific request.

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