Because of its cost, moving to ECO-FAB is currently a big question for the industry, but having said that, as the demand increases over a period of time and as the government slowly moves to ban the plastic based flex, we are sure that the cost is sure to come down. However, even after all this, the corporate giants are setting an example to their customer base by shifting to biodegradable print media and reducing their carbon footprint.

Eco Friendly Printable Media


3 ft, 4 ft , 5 ft, 6 ft

8 ft and 10 ft

Jupiter Print Media specializes in 100% cotton canvas fabric, polyester fabric and polycotton canvas fabric, which is water resistant. This suits all climatic conditions and the print remains intact even outdoors. The beauty of this product is that it could be used for all kinds of printing, i.e., solvent printing, eco-solvent printing, UV printing and latex printing without compromising on the quality of the product or the print.



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