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With ECO-FAB, we at Jupiter Print Media have taken an initiative to protect our Mother Earth by transitioning to eco-friendly.

Eco-Friendly Cloth Banner

Eco Friendly Printable Media


3 ft, 4 ft , 5 ft, 6 ft

8 ft and 10 ft

Jupiter Print Media specializes in 100% cotton canvas fabric, polyester fabric and polycotton canvas fabric, which is water resistant. This suits all climatic conditions and the print remains intact even outdoors. The beauty of this product is that it could be used for all kinds of printing, i.e., solvent printing, eco-solvent printing, UV printing and latex printing without compromising on the quality of the product or the print.



  • Water resistant.

  • No compromise on quality of material.

  • No compromise on sheen of print.

  • Reduces carbon footprint.

  • Can be used for artistic purposes - could be digitally printed or used for oil/ acrylic painting purposes.

  • Printable in Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV and Latex machine.

  • Seamable with metlok(bond) / 100% polyester fabric is seamable.

  • Available in Matte & Gloss finish.

  • Can be used as application frontlit and backlit.

100% Polyester


As an alternative to flex, this 100% polyester based fabric is apt.  No problems in seaming, brilliant print, no loss of sheen even under varying climatic conditions.  And guess what? it's even fully re-cyclable!

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