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Flex printing is predominantly used these days for outdoor marketing of brands, also flex is used for running campaigns like election, awareness, knowledge and all arenas where the duration of the ad campaign or the like is for a shorter duration.

Considering that clients have minimal knowledge of the correct printing material to be used, we provide solutions for printing requirements, such as, consultation of printing material to be used, type of printing, type of ink, to minimize costs and provide the apt end product.  We also provide installation facilities and all forms of wide format printing.


PVC banners, although common are a multifaceted and economical form of promotion. We ensure we use good quality PVC for the flex and high resolution ink for printing, that guarantees it stands against any weather condition. PVC flex banners are highly cost efficient, can be customized to any desired size and do not fade or lose their sheen.


Self supported flex standees are not only economical but also a mobile promotional medium that is easy to use and easy to store. We ensure that our roll-up banners come with steady stands and can be placed anywhere to ensure it attracts maximum attention. They are ideal for trade shows, conference, sports meets, fairs etc. These banners are available in various sizes and at most cost effective prices.


Hoardings are the best way to create brand awareness among masses. They are usually placed on busy streets/ roads to attract interested people. We offer high quality printing solutions for hoardings and use premier ink to ensure an alluring finish.

We also provide you with offset printing solutions and artistic canvas printing solutions on specific request.

In anticipation of the ban on plastic, flex and other products by the Karnataka High Court, we do not supply/ procure Flex and in support of the BBMP in their clean Bangalore initiative.

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